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Sales assessments help to develop the skills, competencies and behaviours associated with delivering superior sales performance.

They are often used by Sales Managers and Sales Leaders to assess the performance and competence of their teams or are used by Sales Professionals who want to take their self-development and ultimately their performance to the next level.

If you are recruiting a new member of your sales team they are an excellent vehicle to help you to see their current sales style, their motivations and current approach so you can make a better informed decision on who you hire.

Our sales assessments are also used as part of gathering training needs, for performance and appraisal reviews and for continuous improvement and sales development.

At a glance - sales assessments are used by…

  • Sales managers and sales leaders to assess the competence of their teams against best practice benchmarking
  • Sales professionals as part of their own self-development
  • Sales managers and recruiters who want to avoid bad hiring decisions
  • Sales managers and trainers who want to gather the training needs of their team
  • Sales managers and leaders as part of the performance management process
  • Sales managers and coaches to help them development their teams skills and performance 

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”

Improving sales performance takes more than just motivation.

You can be the most motivated sales professional in the world but if you’re doing all of the wrong things then you will not improve your performance.

Sales assessments help to take the guess work out of the areas that you and your teams need to improve upon to deliver superior sales results on a consistent basis.

Through evaluating and measuring skills, behaviours, knowledge, motivation and mindset you can build up an accurate picture of your strengths and weakness.

Our assessments are built using the National Occupational Standards for sales and with input from the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management.

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